Major 8 to 10 steps to learn English for beginners.

Major 8 to 10 steps to learn English for beginners in 2021

Major 8 to 10 steps to learn English for beginners.

1. listen to English as much as you can. listen to audios videos and any other forms. This is very important to learn English for beginners.

2. Reading writing and listening should be done simultaneously.All the faculties of the brain should be hammered.

3. A 60 minutes plan to follow each day to learn English for the beginners.

4. Take one tablespoon of new words everyday maybe through newspaper or any other form of sources.

5. Make notes to self and put down the new words and try to find out the meaning of the words as well as the synonym of the antonyms then try to frame a sentence.
For example: carefree means – easy going, happy-go-lucky
(antonym)- serious, worried
Example : She is having a carefree attitude.

6. Make sure to use the newly launched words in your daily life so that you never forget it.

7. Always learn new sentences and phrases and not just words because if you just learn the word and not the usage of it then you can’t remember it .

8. Develop a habit a watching at least one English video each day. watch movie or download English audios you can easily do this while having breakfast Sitting in the car or waiting somewhere.

9. If you don’t understand a word pause the video or audio and search the meaning and then again play it.This will improve your listening skills.

10. listening carefully is essential for English fluency. Talk to yourself in English (self talk)make a habit of thinking in English.You need to train your mind to think in English.To be fluent use the new words you learnt
This will help you to train your mind.

So when you have followed the above steps be carefree and use what you have learnt in the real world. Give time to think before you speak speak slowly to avoid mistakes. Be cool and don’t be afraid .You must be open to be corrected by someone.

This will help you to improve your English.learn from your mistakes. Repeat all the steps for a number of days. This will enhance your skills of reading ,writing,listening and speaking .These steps must be followed by the beginners to learn English.

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