Corporate English

Stand out in the modern workplace with this intensive modular course designed to improve your English language & Professional skills

This in-depth online modular course is intended for you to stand out in the modern workplace setting. It helps you improve your English language including professional skills for Presentations, Public speaking, Effective communication, International meetings & Cross – Cultural Networking.

Course Details:
5 months Course
90 min Class Duration

Xbridge Value

  • Work fewer hours — and make more moneyTOP-END GUIDANCE : We look at providing the best modules, mentors & the best counsel to get you modern workplace ready.
  • HIGH VIRTUE – We do not compromise when it comes to giving the best of English language skills and professional knowledge to our tutees.
  • ETHNIC INCLUSIVENESS – We at Xbridge welcome diversity in our classrooms and aim at accepting and respecting the individual moral-cultural ways.
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