5 ways to improve English Vocabulary.

5 ways to improve English Vocabulary in 2021 for beginners

5 ways to improve English Vocabulary.

1. You must learn one complimentary word every day and also try to” use it.

example : impeccable – My friend give an impeccable opening speech.
your child is having an impeccable manner .
Now you are not only going to remember this word rest of your life but also will make the other person’s day by using this complimentary word.

2. Read a story before going to sleep.

Try to read a story which will relax your mind and brain.Because at night we all want to relax. We have seen that our grandparents always narrate a story to their kids at bedtime because it teaches them new words it makes them creative and it puts them to sleep.So in bed in spite of wasting hours over phone pick up a nice novel or story book which you like that will relax your mind it will reduce your screen time and it will improve your vocabulary.

3. Entertainment.

We all need entertainment in our life.life cannot go without entertainment .But you have to choose your entertainment so wisely you you can go with some good English movies or stand-up shows.This kind of shows will teach you new words and also will make you think .

4. Read the news from newspaper or from any app.

It keeps you updated throughout the day and it saves your time as you are on your phone anyway. If you come across any new word you can even Google it to get the meaning.

5. Convert your regional language phrases in English.

example : Why don’t you speak? munh mein dahi jama ke baithe ho?
If you convert this to English.
Why don’t you speak? Has the cat got your tongue?
So when you you convert your catch phrases in English you are learning multiple words at a time.

So last but not the least keep on reading and listening to English to enhance your vocabulary and communication.

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