4 Ways to speak English confidently in public?

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From the last 2 years, the whole world has been suffering from COVID-19, people are restricted to stay home and give up on several physical activities. No going to school, visiting college, attending coaching or outing, just stay home and follow the guidelines. It is a global crisis!

It seems very true when we hear the saying “crisis brings opportunity.” The COVID-19 actually brought a change in the society. Many hardwork and dedicated aspirants have learnt a new skill during this tough time. We got many free hours to work on our limitations and become a better individual. Be it a computer course, certification or learning English, people have gone an extra step to find success.

We know that you want to enhance your English language skills and use the language confidently. Consequently, we have brought you some important tips that will certainly help you to feel comfortable with English in public.

Let’s get started!

Tips To Speak English With Confidence:

[1] Find a partner:

Trust us, your improvement rates gradually increase when you try the language with another person. Find a friend (might be a colleague from your English learning institute), and help each other with new words and sentences. Have a discussion in the evening about what you both have learnt each day. In addition, talk about other activities, current affairs, trending news etc. Certainly, keep the communication in English!

[2] Listen and repeat:

Remember our goal is to speak with confidence. The best way to know “how to say a sentence,” we need to listen to the phrases and keep trying. Remember how we say “how are you” so confidently, it is because we hear it the most in general life. Similarly, listen to audios, podcasts, radio and other sources, and repeat the same. It will gradually make you proficient in different sentences and phrases.

[3] Don’t worry about errors:

Many people write very well, but hesitate to speak English; mainly in front of others. They fear making mistakes and end up being silent or not taking part in discussions. No one is perfect, and everyone learns from mistakes. So, don’t worry and keep trying. Remember to observe your language flaws, keep them noted and don’t repeat them. You will grab the flow within weeks or months!

[4] Read and practice:

Another way to learn phrases and build communication is reading. Yeah, we have read a lot in our school days, but this time the motive is to use it for speaking the language. Practice the language as the movie characters read the script and speak out their dialogues. Hence, read and practice, and it will lead you to positive results.

Try the above tips and let us know how it helped you in real life!

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